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Questinonaire - drought impacts and responses at a global scale

The questionaire is still open!!

Cover note:

Dear Panta Rhei colleagues and drought experts,

Droughts impact socioeconomic and ecological systems worldwide. Due to the multifaceted characteristics of drought hazards and region- and sector-specific vulnerabilities, the severity of impacts varies according to the specific bio-physical and socioeconomic characteristics of the region. In order to reduce such impacts, implementation of measures to increase resilience to drought are required, ideally within a drought management framework incorporating both short and long term adaptation measures. Despite the lack of locally implemented drought management frameworks, numerous drought responses mechanisms have been carried out.

To systematically assess and evaluate the type and frequency of such drought responses, we have designed this online survey. We expect that based on stakeholder and expert knowledge, the survey will help synthesise region-specific drought and response characteristics. Collecting qualitative information from numerous catchments worldwide will enable us to identify recent trends in drought management, which can be inputted in comparative studies. Furthermore, we can systematically assess weaknesses and inconsistencies in drought management which need to be addressed.

Your expertise and experiences from case studies worldwide will be valuable contributions to this analysis. Considering the lack of time and/ or the wealth of different areas of investigation, this questionnaire can also be used in classes, or might be completed by BSc or MSc students which are actually working with you.

The questionnaire will take between 5-15 minutes (depending on input).

Please follow this link

As a first round, the questionnaire will be open until the end of August. Depending on the outcomes and acceptance by the community, it might become a continuous version.

As an incentive: all contributors will be invited to join resultant publication(s) based on the survey.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any follow-up questions.


Many thanks to all of you.


Veit Blauhut and Alexandra Nauditt.